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"Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live." - BJ Palmer

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Dr Pat is Sold Out to Chiropractic!

“From the time I was born until I was 7, I was constantly on antibiotics for ear infections. My mother and sister were both nurses, and treated me as best they could. I have had 7 surgeries for my ears – tubes in and out. I was constantly ill – so ill that I nearly had to repeat 2 different years of school. I was missing a lot of school. This cycle continued until I was 10 years old. My mother heard about a chiropractor in Osage from another nurse she knew at work. We made an appointment. Dr Abens was truly a different kind of doctor – he was a true healer. From that first visit, until after he passed away, I didn’t have a single ear infection. This is one of the reasons I’m sold out to chiropractic.
At 12 years old, I tore the meniscus in my knee during a baseball accident. The doctors at Mayo wanted to do surgery immediately, but Dr. Abens treated me with adjustments and nutrition. I healed completely, I did not need surgery, and I went on to play more sports in high school and college. I knew from that first experience at 10 years old that I wanted to know what this man knew, and I was meant to be a chiropractor. This is why I’m sold out to chiropractic.
After living some life and following other passions, I knew it was time to start my chiropractic training. I moved to Davenport, IA, to begin my education at Palmer College of Chiropractic. I also sought additional training in homeopathy and nutrition. I began my apprenticeship with Dr. Howard Abens after my schooling. I completed my boards and was licensed a year and a half later. I continued to work with Dr. Abens as an associate in his practice until September of 2013. During this time, he introduced me to other doctors who have influenced me greatly. Dr. Ron Masters, and Dr. Dick Versendaal have helped me develop my techniques and given me guidance to be the best doctor I can be. Dr Abens passed away in March of 2013, and Dr. Versendaal in March of 2014. I felt these losses deeply and hope to continue their passion for healing in my own practice. Knowing these men and how they lived to serve others is why I’m sold out to chiropractic.
In January of 2012, my wife and I opened our own practice in Austin MN – about 35 miles north of Osage, where I was currently practicing. Our first day, we had 6 patients. Our office had no chairs, no computer, no files. We had a borrowed table, and a doctor. Knowing that I was meant to follow this path, and seeing success from the first day is why I’m sold out to chiropractic. From this point forward, we grew our practice, working in both locations. In September of 2013, we moved full time to the Austin location and have continued to grow.
Chiropractic is my passion – it has been my dream and goal since childhood. I am honored to serve my family, friends, and community in the Austin Area. Chiropractic leaves a legacy. I was influenced by icons of the profession, and I am continuing to care for those around me. That little boy who had chronic ear infections has grown up to have children who have never had an ear infection, thanks to chiropractic. This is why I’m sold out to chiropractic. Wouldn’t you like to know what chiropractic can do for you?”